Automated Incident Response Simulation 

Automated Incident Response Simulation

Prepare for Cybersecurity Incidents With Realistic, Automated Simulations 
Most companies don't know how ready they are for a breach until they have one.  They quickly learn that they should have done more to prepare.  

Chaostrack redefines the traditional methods of incident simulation, streamlining and strengthening your response strategies by simulating realistic cybersecurity threats. 

Unlike conventional tabletop exercises, Chaostrack provides an interactive, asynchronous chatbot platform.

"Cybersecurity incidents are a matter of 'when,' not 'if' so today’s CISOs must be prepared."

Test, Tweak, Triumph

for incidents

Let your teams run continuous, asynchronous, realistic incident simulations.

to you

Don’t waste time with generic simulations that don't suit your company.

your gaps

See how you do in real-world attacks and find your gaps before a big one hits.

Efficient Training

Skip the boring training videos and jump right to real-world scenarios.

ChaosTrack significantly reduces the time and financial investment associated with traditional cybersecurity drills, enabling your team to direct their focus towards actively addressing security threats and enhancing their cybersecurity skills.

Universal Engagement

It's time to shift incident planning away from the old model, where a few people participate once a year.

ChaosTrack ensures inclusive participation, providing everyone a chance to prepare for likely incidents.
universal engagement - chaostrack

Insightful Reporting

Don't spend hours generating post-simulation reports.

Our platform provides automated reports that offer invaluable insights into key activities, potential missteps, and performance against other firms. Track your progress and identify areas for improvement, and continuously refine your cybersecurity response strategies.

Insightful Reporting ChaosTrack

Prioritize the Gaps

In a world of overwhelmed IT & Security teams, it’s important to prioritize. 

ChaosTrack helps you zoom in on the most important gaps that could make the difference between a minor incident and a major breach.

Prioritize Gaps ChaosTrack

Reinventing Cybersecurity Preparedness

Our platform revolutionizes cybersecurity preparedness by simplifying your training process, ensuring universal engagement, and providing insightful automated reporting, we equip your organization with a powerful tool to confront and overcome the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. 

This reinvented approach ensures a streamlined, efficient, and effective method of bolstering your cybersecurity readiness.