ChaosTrack Incident Response Simulator

Test, tweak, triumph: Automated Cybersecurity Simulation
Incident simulation is the best way to determine your readiness for a real attack.  ChaosTrack provides real-world cybersecurity incident simulations via an asynchronous, chatbot-based platform so you can test your whole organization.  

Fast Simulations

Traditional tabletop exercises are time-consuming and expensive.
Get started in minutes
Get real-world attacks right out of the box
During setup, scenarios are tailored to your infrastructure
If needed, create your own scenarios to match your unique needs 
Multiple Realistic Incident Scenarios

Real Incidents

Scenarios built from real-world incidents. 
Account Takeover
Active Directory
Denial of Service
Build your own
And dozens more are on the way!
Out of the Box Incident Scenarios

Easy and Online

Your team can participate without taking time away from their normal job.  
Familiar Slack-like interface
Real-world curveballs from the ChaosTrack AI bot
Dynamic path based on choices
Ask for help if you get stuck

Train The Whole Company

Simulations can include individuals, teams, or the whole company.  
Asynchronous simulations means anyone can participate when it's convenient for them.
Universal participation means more effective simulation and widespread knowledge sharing
Schedule different scenarios at different times to run near-continuous exercises with low overhead
Continuous Incident Simulation Scheduling

Automated Reporting

Easy actionable, automated reporting.
100% automated reports that summarize right and wrong turns
See how your performance compares to peer companies
Export reports for executives, boards, and auditors

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